Values And Standards - From Principles To Practice, Presentation made at a joint meeting with senior representatives of the Armed Forces, Royal College of Defence Studies, London, 13th November 2003. IS/Gen/Publ.27/2003

An Introduction To Rights And Humanity And Its Principles Of Responsibility. Presentation at a meeting co-hosted by Rights and Humanity and The Reform Synagogues of Great Britain, Sternberg Centre for Judaism, London, UK, 11th February 2004

An Introduction To Rights And Humanity And Its Principles Of Responsibility Presentation to students at the London School of Economics, London, UK, 10th March 2004, IS/Gen/Publ.29/2004

Introduction To Rights And Humanity And The Principles Of Responsibility by Julia Häusermann at Islam and Human Rights Workshop jointly held by The Muslim College and Rights and Humanity, London, 16th June 2004, IS/Gen/Publ.31/2004

Understanding Human Rights As A Basis For Peace Speech by Julia Häusermann at a meeting organised by the Ministry for Peace, London, 20th October, 2004

Being The Change: Rights And Humanity’s Experience Presentation by Julia Häusermann, at the Be the Change Conference, London, 5-7 May 2005, IS/Gen/Publ.35/2005

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