Good Governance

Good Governance And Human Rights: Two Sides Of The Same Coin? Presentation by Julia Häusermann at the One World Action Seminar, London, March 1994, published in the report of the seminar: Good Governance, One World Action, London, UK, ISBN 1 898 776 06 8, IS/Dem/Publ.1/1994

Promoting Development Of Democracy And Civil Society In Poland Through Institutional Development And Human Rights Training A Report on the Teacher Training Seminar, 20-27th April 1995, Krakow, Poland, IS/Dem/Publ.2/1995

Governance, Human Rights And Empowerment Presentation by Julia Häusermann at the British Council Update Seminar Governance, Human Rights and Empowerment, at Coulsdon Manor, Surrey, UK, 20-23rd January 1998, IS/Dem/Publ.3/1998

Access To Justice And Personal Security Background paper by J. Häusermann with N. Ghanea-Hercock for One Action Seminar entitled “Influence and Access: Local Democracy and Basic Service Provision”. Commonwealth Institute, London, 25-26th May 1999, IS/Dem/Publ.4/1999

Measuring Democracy And Good Governance Paper presented at the EUROSTAT (EU Statistical Office) and CDG conference on Measuring Democracy and Good Governance, Munich, Germany, 21-22nd January 2002, IS/Dem/Publ.5/2002

Donor Approach Toward Assisting Good Governance And Democracy Presentation by Julia Häusermann at “Assisting Good Governance and Democracy: a Learning Process – Reflections on Developments in Africa”, GTZ, Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Technische Zusammenarbeit, Berlin, Germany, 27-28th May 2002, IS/Dem/Publ.6/2002

Human Rights As A Framework For Measuring Democracy And Good Governance Keynote Speech by Julia Häusermann at the EUROSTAT/INWENT Conference entitled “Statistics and Human Rights”, European Union, Brussels, Belgium, 27-29th November 2002, IS/Dem/Publ.7/2002

Map-making And Analysis Of The Main International Initiatives On Developing Indicators On Democracy And Good Governance Report by Mrs. Julia Häusermann and Dr. Todd Landman, Deputy Director of Human Rights Centre, University of Essex, 2nd June 2003, IS/Dem/Publ.8/2003

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