Strategic Campaigning for Peace

Rights and Humanity talk at Uniting for Peace: 'Strategic Campaigning for Peace'.

On 3rd October 2011, Ms Valerie McKie represented Rights and Humanity as an ambassador at the Uniting for Peace evening entitled 'Strategies for Peace Campaigning'.


Ms Mckie spoke about Rights and Humanity's pioneering work in human rights and responsibilities with an example of our work in Thailand in 1991 at a time when persecution towards those with HIV/AIDS was at risk of the government enforcing a Bill which envisaged the isolation of people with HIV in former leprosy colonies and the introduction of a number of other restrictive measures. Rights and Humanity intervened and influenced the government to withdraw plans to pass this Bill, persuading the Thai Government of the public health rationale for respecting human rights and dignity in the context of HIV/AIDS. As a result of the mission, the Thai Government announced its withdrawal of HIV-related travel restrictions, and the Bill was dropped shortly afterwards. Thailand is now regarded as having one of the better AIDS policies in the region.

Ms Mckie asked the audience to consider the values that underpin our actions - love, trust, respect - and to challenge people to question whether they could kill another human being in light of these. Peace is possible and what we can conceive, we can achieve.

At the meeting, Uniting for Peace launched its “4D for World Peace” campaign which was  explored during the session. This represents Disarmament, Demilitarisation, Development and Democracy.

Other speakers included: Mr Vijay Mehta, Chair, Uniting for Peace and author; Mr John Hilary, Director, War on want; Jeremy Gilley, Founder, Peace One Day; and Mr Jan Goodey, Journalist/Media Lecturer.

Please see below a video of part of the event.

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