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The International Centre in Human Rights and Responsibilities is an important new stage in Rights and Humanity’s vital work, bringing space and resources to enable a number of core projects to be developed. Below is a sample of what we have achieved so far since 2010.

Think - Thought Leadership and Innovation:
• Hosted our Global Leaders Congress, ‘Think, Unite, Act’ in Liverpool in September 2011. In the current context of global food crises, water scarcity, climate injustice, wars, violence and health emergencies, the Global Leaders Congress aimed to bring together a group of international and local leaders to share ideas for solutions to global problems over 4 days. With international participants and speakers from South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Germany, China and UK, the group came together for a constructive few days of talks, workshops and working groups to discuss and collaborate on global solutions to global problems.

• Held a Global Leaders Congress follow-up meeting on 9th December 2011 for participants to discuss progress made at the Global Leaders Congress in September and to encourage new developments in the call to global concerted action. The meeting was arranged to: build on the synergy created at the Global Leaders Congress, review progress and build a deeper commitment to action, pilot a virtual system of communication, and create a pathway for building a global movement of likeminded individuals wishing to join us in developing and implementing the new paradigm.

• As a result of our Global Leaders Congress, we launched our Call for Action on Human Rights Day, 10th December 2011.

• Launched our emerging global leaders community for leading a paradigm shift and sharing best practice.

• Work within communities in Liverpool for preliminary identification of the needs for Community Capacity Building Projects in Liverpool. Our experienced community empowerment volunteer met with Mr Paul Edwards, a Trustee of West Everton Community Council, with representatives of the Granby Women’s Group, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, and the Lodge Lane Women’s Centre in order to assess needs and develop contacts for these projects. At the same time, Professor Häusermann held meetings with senior policy makers and service providers in the City to ascertain their views.

• Professor Häusermann and Ms Sagal Jama, a Somali advocate within Merseyside Fire and Rescue Services, met with leaders of various Somali Communities in Liverpool 8 to discuss how Rights and Humanity could best support them. Approximately 14 people from various Somali backgrounds were present and we have been told that bringing together the different groups was an achievement in itself, as it is rare for the separate communities to meet together.

• Rights and Humanity continued its partnerships with Water Aid, Freshwater Action Network, and WASH United to host a “Right to Water” website. In 2010 it was decided to update the site and Rights and Humanity’s Project Officer worked closely with Water Aid to edit the new website. It was launched on 10 December 2010 as part of our celebrations for International Human Rights Day. The URL is The new website is a key portal of information for the rights to water and sanitation and for global best practice in the implementation of these rights.

• In June 2011, Rights and Humanity organised a Community Projects Inaugural Stakeholder Meeting to discuss its work in Liverpool. Participants joined the meeting from different sectors of society within Liverpool, including representatives of health organisations, Liverpool City Council, local government, faith sectors, local community representatives, the corporate sector, and educational establishments. After a presentation by Professor Häusermann, all 42 meeting participants were divided into four groups to assess Rights and Humanity’s proposed community projects and to identify priorities and strategies for the implementation of the proposals. After ongoing consultations, Rights and Humanity has chosen to focus on three Communities in the Liverpool City Region: Everton, Liverpool 8 (postcode area encompassing Toxteth and Princes’ Park) and Stockbridge Village in Knowsley.

• Rights and Humanity hosted a diverse and expert group of supporters and professionals from the city of Liverpool at our premises on 30th January 2012 to brainstorm about our community projects, cooking academy, fundraising, the establishment of a Rights and Humanity city, communications strategy, creating Ambassadors for the organisation and our business plan.


Unite - Building Bridges of Understanding, Respect and Cooperation
• To bring together people from all sectors of society - of different faiths, cultures and viewpoints.

• On Monday 29 November, 2010 Rights and Humanity hosted it’s the Launch of its new International Centre in Liverpool Cathedral. Approximately 850 people attended the event. About 250 individuals from local schools, networks, organisations and community groups were actively involved in the event itself, through participating in acts or choirs, volunteering in the organisation of the event, or producing banners and artwork for display in the Cathedral. A central theme of the event was the commitment to the Rights and Humanity’s Principles of Responsibility. City Leaders from the public, private and civil society sectors and guests were invited to sign up to Rights and Humanity’s Principles of Responsibility.

• In January 2010, Rights and Humanity held its first International Board Meeting in Liverpool at the International Centre in Human Rights and Responsibilities. The Lord Mayor, Cllr Hazel Williams, agreed to give an official welcome to Ambassador Anja-Riitta Ketokoski-Rexed, Ambassador, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland; Dr Gudmundur Alfredsson, Professor of International Law at Strasbourg University; and Madame Ursula Barter-Hemmerich, Switzerland.


Act - Education and Communities for Action
• Held a public lecture series in the Royal Liver building from 4th May-22nd June 2011 on human rights issues including the rights approach to development, Overcoming the Legacy of the Cold War: Human Rights Agenda for the 21st Century, The Universality and Indivisibility of Human Rights: Some Current Issues, Your Rights: My Responsibility,  Empower Women, Empower Humanity: Women’s Human Rights, Deepening our Understanding of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Realising the Right to Health and Ensuring the Rights to Water and Sanitation.

• Held human rights training for schools, organised and run by Rights and Humanity’s Project Officer. Has included speaking to the following schools in Liverpool: Childwall Grammar School, Maghull High School, Savio High School, Broadgreen International School, Wirral Grammar School, and Enterprise South Liverpool Academy. Training in human rights and responsibilities has included case studies such as child slavery and HIV/AIDS.

• Held discussions with Universities in Liverpool about the establishment of human rights courses; currently to be held with Liverpool Hope University.

• Launched our Giant Jigsaw Project on 7th April in 2011 to celebrate World Heath Day. The Giant Jigsaw brought together businesses, public services, universities, schools, faith organisations, local community groups and individuals in celebration of Liverpool and the unity and diversity within the City. The jigsaw image will be designed to reflect the slogan “The World in a City” and “The City in the World”.

• Supported and empowered individuals to contribute to the realisation of human rights and responsibilities within their own spheres of influence through our communities for action, Rights and Humanity’s Women’s Human Rights and Empowerment Network (WHEN) and our Global Youth Forum and our 10/12 Community.
• As part of our Rights and Humanity’s Women’s Human Rights and Empowerment Network (WHEN), on International Women’s Day on 8th March 2011 we held an Inspirational Tea Party, open to both men and women, with Dame Lorna Muirhead DBE DL, Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Merseyside as a speaker to inspire others. In her professional life. Dame Lorna worked for 40 years as a local Midwife eventually becoming the President of the Royal College of Midwives.

• On three occasions in May and June 2010, Rights and Humanity was asked to be involved in leadership training for 15 African women leaders, members of the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa (CAPA), who were visiting Liverpool and London for four weeks. CAPA aims to empower women to take on effective leadership roles within their communities. Rights and Humanity was asked to share best practice in health capacity building and social transformation and to speak on Rights and Humanity’s work on HIV/AIDS and the human rights approach to development pioneered by Professor Häusermann. She also advised on how the women leaders might strengthen their national and regional initiatives and develop effective organisations with an emphasis on health capacity building and social transformation.

•  Hosting Professional training courses at our International Centre. On 9 September 2010, Rights and Humanity hosted a business enterprise meeting for Business Link Merseyside’s Advisors Sales Team to deliver a training course on giving practical advice for business.

• On 23rd November 2011, Rights and Humanity hosted an event for key leaders and thinkers of all sizes and sectors of organisation to explore the merits of consciously harnessing human values. Chaired by Mr Jack Stopforth, Chief Executive, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and Industry, members of the community were invited to hear three key speakers: our founder and President, Professor Julia Hausermann MBE, Ms Jackie Le Fèvre, Director, Magma Effect, and Ms Debbie Dalby, Executive Coach at 4D.

• Internship Programme: Since April 2010, Rights and Humanity has hosted numerous post-graduate interns working at Rights and Humanity’s secretariat on various projects. Some of the summer interns have included students from France, Poland, Latvia, Nigeria and the UK (including overseas students studying in the UK). They have been involved in research projects relating to various aspects of best practice in the fields of human rights, development, health, globalisation and conflict. For example, Kehinde Adebiyi, a Master’s student in Global Ethics at Birmingham University, produced a research paper on best practice cases in eliminating violence against women and child abuse as a part of her internship with Rights and Humanity.    
• We introduced Rights and Humanity’s Women’s Human Rights and Empowerment Network (WHEN!) to a Liverpool audience at a fundraising dinner hosted for women entrepreneurs at Rights and Humanity’s International Centre on 17 November 2010. This was held in the context of Your Big Year (YBY) the competition which has made Rights and Humanity its key charity: During the evening, an additional 31 people signed up to become a member of WHEN! committing themselves to contributing to women’s empowerment and to helping Rights and Humanity to expand the WHEN! Network.

• We set up new websites: alongside our main Rights and Humanity website, and our right to water website, co-hosted with Water Aid, Freshwater Action Network, Wash United and End Water Poverty,; we also set up our Global Leaders Congress website,, and a website for advertising our venue, The Light,


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