“ Rights and Humanity as been a pioneer in ringing together people of any faiths, cultures and walks of life in a common commitment to prevent and relieve human suffering.”

His Grace Archbishop Desmond Tutu,
Nobel Laureate, Patron


Many people want to help make the world a better place, but do not know how. By bringing human rights to life in peoples every day experiences, Rights and Humanity demonstrates what can be done, creating a brighter and sustainable future. Pledge your support by leaving us a legacy.

What do I need to do?
A charitable legacy can be a gift of money or of any other assets that you leave in your will. To leave a legacy to Rights and Humanity, you simply need to include details of the donation you wish to make. This can be done by writing a will, by making an amendment or ‘codicil’ to an existing will or by setting up a Trust. A solicitor or other professional legal adviser will be able to tell you more.

Tax Benefits
Many countries have tax incentives for legacies to non-profit associations.
Please check with your lawyer.

UK tax payers can leave legacies free of inheritance tax.
If you leave a gift to the UK Association of Rights and Humanity (a UK charity) in your will the value of the gift may be deducted from the value of your estate before inheritance tax is worked out. Gifts made to a UK charity in the seven years prior to your death are also covered by the same exemption from inheritance tax. If your estate is liable to inheritance tax this will reduce the overall amount of tax due from your estate (HMRC, February 2008).

Leaving a legacy gift is not a decision that can be made without due consideration but if you do choose to leave a gift to Rights and Humanity, you will be able to demonstrate your commitment to building a fairer world. Please seek professional advice from your solicitor. (Please note: the Gift Aid scheme does not apply to gifts in Wills.)

How does it work?
A charitable legacy could be a gift of money or of any other assets that you leave in your will. Whilst there are a number of options to consider, for a gift of money there are two main types of charitable legacies; pecuniary and residuary.

  • Pecuniary legacies - A Specific Sum
    This specifies a precise sum of money or item of value to be donated.
  • Residuary legacies - A Share of Your Estate
    This allows you to donate a percentage of the net value of your estate or the remaining sum after you have provided for family and friends.

We suggest that you discuss with a professional adviser all the options available to you when you make up your will.

Should I tell you I have left a gift to Rights and Humanity in my will?
It is really helpful if you wish to let us know that you have included us in your Will. You do not have to tell us the value of your gift (unless you want to), but knowing we have a source of future income helps us to plan our long-term work. This information will be treated in complete confidence.

Of course it may be some time before we receive your gift and the nature of Rights and Humanity’s work does change over time. If you would like to discuss any specific issues on this matter we are happy to discuss this with you.

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