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Corporate Donations

Rights and Humanity is solutions-oriented and remains at the cutting edge of new thinking in sustainable development and peace building. By supporting or partnering us you will assist in tackling global issues that impact on the corporate as well as other sectors of society.

There are a number of ways in which your company can support our work.

Donations online

You can make a corporate donation online.

Rights and Humanity has a number of opportunities available for sponsorship of charitable events.

Gifts in Kind

Your company can donate products and services as a gift-in-kind. This type of support can have an immediate impact on our work and projects and help publicise your own business.
In the last twelve months, we have benefited from:
  • A gift of design and IT Work from Frameworks, the designers of this website
  • Office space kindly donated by from Marketform

Gifts/loan of land or buildings
Your business can also benefit our charity through gifts of land or buildings. Companies can claim UK corporation tax relief for gifts of land or buildings which qualify. They can also claim relief if the property is sold at less than its market value.

Select Rights and Humanity as your Charity of the Year
Many companies now opt to support charities by choosing a Charity of the Year; often decided by employees. If your company has a Charity of the Year scheme please consider nominating Rights and Humanity. If you would like to find out more about Rights and Humanity please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Employee Volunteering
Getting your colleagues on board and involved with our work can bring great benefits to your company as well as to our work. We can benefit greatly from your employees’ various skills. Whether it’s working on a project or helping out at one of our events, their involvement will be very much appreciated. Volunteering is a fun way to help your employees build a team and to gain valuable experience in another environment. If employees volunteer in work time, your company can claim tax relief for the employment costs you continue to incur on their behalf. To find out how your workers can contribute please contact us

Secondment of Employees
Rights and Humanity welcomes business employees on secondment.
If your UK company provides an employee to work for the UK Association of Rights and Humanity on secondment or a temporary basis, you can deduct the costs of the employment, including the employee’s salary, in your accounts as a charitable donation, reducing corporation tax.

Payroll Giving
Agreeing to run a Payroll Giving scheme for your UK employees or to promote an existing scheme is an excellent way for your company to help us. The costs of setting up a Payroll giving scheme and the modest outgoing costs are deductible for tax purposes.
Click here for more on Payroll Giving

Recycle your Printers Cartridges
Your company can support Rights and Humanity by recycling your old printer cartridges.
A local company will donate money to Rights and Humanity for the inkjet and suitable laser cartridges they receive from us.

Please send your old printer cartridges to:
Rights and Humanity,
8-10 Princes Street,
Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 1QT.

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