HRH Prince EI Hassan bin Talal



His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan
Bin Talal

His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal was born in Amman on 20th March 1947, the youngest son of the then Crown Prince Talal bin Abdullah and Princess Zein El Sharaf bint Jamil, later King Talal and Queen Zein El Sharaf. His Royal Highness is the younger brother of His Majesty the late King Hussein. Their branch of the Hashemite family is directly descended from the Prophet Muhammad, Prince El Hassan bin Talal being of the forty-second generation.

HRH Prince Hassan is deeply involved in the work of Rights and Humanity. He was a regular contributor to our Satellite Education and Empowerment Programme. He frequently contributes to our discussions and has hosted several of our international conferences in Amman, Jordan.

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