Rights and Humanity has developed a multi-faith, multi-cultural agreement on the responsibilities of individuals to match the global agreements on human rights. Previously, there was no agreed list of individual responsibilities around which to build global consensus. As a multi-faith, multi-cultural organisation, it was clear to Rights and Humanity that there were a number of core values shared by people throughout the world whatever their faith, and regardless of whether or not they practice a religion.

Drafting the Principles
During 2002/3 we worked with our Patrons and representatives from a wide group of faiths and professions to produce a set of seven simple Principles of Responsibility for use as a guide for individual action in professional, corporate and daily life

The seven principles were derived from two sources:
1) the core principles underlying international human rights norms (Dignity, Equality, Justice, Respect for Life, Liberty, Accountability  and Participation) and
2) what we call the principles of humanity – those values shared by faiths and cultures throughout the world (Truth, Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Human Solidarity, Service and Peacemaking)

The Rights and Humanity Principles of Responsibility were launched on 10 December 2003, International Human Rights Day and have been signed by all our Patrons as well as other spiritual, professional and corporate leaders.

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