Multi-faith Approach to Human Rights

Rights and Humanity has played a major role linking the moral voice of faiths with the legal authority of human rights. This unifies and strengthens international efforts to better the human condition. We have also made it a rule to invite people from different faiths and cultures to participate in our workshops and conferences. It is essential to ensure that faith leaders are involved in the formulation and implementation of strategies for action so that communities can play their critical role. Our multi-faith approach has proved particularly important in our work on AIDS and in addressing the socio-cultural norms which impede women’s rights and empowerment.

Contributing a Human Rights Perspective to Multi-Faith Dialogue
At every opportunity, Rights and Humanity has advocated for joint action, mutual respect and solidarity between different faiths and cultures and used our consensus building experience to build relationships between people of difference.

We have emphasised the multicultural foundations of human rights and cultivated valued relationships with interfaith initiatives.

Establishing an Annual Human Rights Day Multi-faith Service
To mark our 10th Anniversary on 10 December 1996, we held the first of a series of multi-faith services to celebrate human rights day in Ipswich, UK. This annual event is now organised by the UN Association and is held in different locations each year.

We celebrated our 20th anniversary at a multi-faith thanksgiving service at St Peter’s Church, Eaton Square, London on human rights day, 10 December, 2006.

These services have played an important role in bringing together the faith communities with human rights and development advocates.

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