Are you Eligible?

The Congress is open to leaders and innovators from all sectors of the public, private and civil society spheres willing to work together in a constructive manner to develop multi-stakeholder consensus for solutions.

Delegates can sign up to two major strands, the conclusions from which will inform the work of a smaller drafting group preparing guiding principles for reshaping the international financial architecture and the wider world economy. The Guiding Principles will be discussed and adopted by all delegates and submitted to the G20 process.

Strand A. Addressing the Immediate Consequences of the Crisis:  Panel sessions to develop recommendations for tackling the food, water and fuel crises and Africa’s development crisis. 

Delegates are expected to be part of the solution by contributing expertise and practical recommendations for various stakeholders.
Strand B. Collating the Evidence Base: Panel Sessions on Best Practice.

Join this strand to contribute your best practice of implementing ethical principles, human rights and responsibilities. This experience will be collated into an evidence base to demonstrate that economic success, human rights, equity and sustainability, can and should be mutually supportive and reinforcing.

We are looking for concrete evidence that will convince ministers of finance and trade that principled approaches lead to a more sustainable global economy.

Delegates are expected to contribute to the collation of best practice in such fields as:

• FINANCE: Islamic banking and other ethical banking and investment practices and codes of conduct
• BUSINESS: Corporate social responsibility and human rights policies and the outcome of implementing the triple bottom line approach
• TRADE: fair trade for product producers and access to markets for poor countries
• INNOVATIVE ECONOMIC MODELS: including micro-credit and social businesses
• REALISATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS: the constitutional protection of human rights, work of national human rights commissions, implementation of the human rights approach to social justice, health and development,  women’s empowerment, participatory democracy and digital democracy
• ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: green economy initiatives and other models of responsible and sustainable approaches to the environment
• CROSS CUTTING: Models that cut across these various approaches and themes and other examples of implementing ethical approaches which benefit the economy.

If you believe that the experience of your government, financial institution, corporation or other organisation could contribute to the Congress, please register your interest by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We are striving for balanced representation including gender parity, industrialised country/developing country parity, and equal balance between public/private/and civil society sectors.  Registrations will be confirmed on the basis of the delegate’s proposed contributions.

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