Aim and Objectives

The aim of the Emergency Congress is to contribute to the G20 reform process and other initiatives by recommending strategies to build more sustainable financial institutions and a global economic paradigm which gives equal weight to economic stability, social justice and environmental stewardship.

The objectives of the Emergency Congress are to:

• Make urgent recommendations to all sectors for tackling the immediate consequences of the international financial crisis, addressing the impacts on food, water and fuel security, the vulnerability of people living in poverty, and the need to avert cuts in support for development programmes and climate change initiatives.
• Review best practice from the public, private and civil society sectors demonstrating that economic success, human rights, equity and sustainability, can and should be mutually supportive and reinforcing.
• Draw on this experience to articulate guiding principles for reshaping global economic governance in order to achieve a just and sustainable world economy which delivers all the outcomes of economic stability, social justice and environmental protection.


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