Climate Change Conference

The Sky’s the Limit – Conference in London November 2007
15-17 November 2007, Rights and Humanity cooperated in hosting an international conference entitled “The Sky’s the Limit” together with Be The Change, the World Future Council, The Converging World, and The New Economics Foundation.

The unprecedented challenge of climate change requires a fundamental shift in our thinking and action. We need a holistic and integrated approach to ensuring environmental protection, human rights, social inclusion and poverty elimination. These challenges demand a transformation of political, economic and social dynamics.

In three days of presentations, debates, world cafes – and films and music – participants combined their creative energies identifying new, solution-oriented responses to these fundamental questions and the actions we need to take – in our homes, our communities, our companies and our governments.

Our President’s speech, “Living Human Rights and Responsibilities” received a standing ovation for its inspiration and practical advice on using a human rights and responsibilities approach to tackling climate change. This prompted us to make a commitment to bringing the environmental, development and human rights communities together, which is vital in order to bring about global lasting change. As a result, Rights and Humanity is convening the Human Rights and Environment Forum© in order to bridge the gap between these fields.
The conference was dedicated to Dame Anita Roddick, who died on September 10, 2007. She inspires us all to intensify our work in the spirit and determination she personified.

We were joined by some truly inspiring individuals – amongst them:
• Maude Barlow (Canadian author, on water rights)
• Drew Dellinger (poet, USA)
• Nicky Gavron (London’s Deputy Mayor)
• Herbert Girardet (World Future Council)
• Julia Hausermann (Rights and Humanity)
• Rob Hopkins (Transition Towns)
• Bianca Jagger (World Future Council)
• Prof. C.S. Kiang (China’s great environmentalist)
• Frances Moore Lappé (US author, on democracy)
• George Monbiot (author, on climate change)
• Jonathon Porritt (UK Sustainable Development Commission)
• Richard Reed (Innocent Drinks)
• Hermann Scheer (German renewable energy pioneer)
• Vandana Shiva (Indian scientist and campaigner)
• Stewart Wallis (new economics foundation)
• John Whitmore (leading business coach)
• and others - entrepreneurs, activists, scientists, film-makers, poets and musicians.

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