Human Rights Approach to Development

Rights and Humanity pioneered “the human rights approach to development”, an approach that has now been taken up by the United Nations, governments and NGOs around the world. Through this ground breaking work, Rights and Humanity has placed the individual at the centre of development efforts and helped overcome the discrimination and structural obstacles which imprison people behind the bars of poverty and social exclusion.

Through our ‘top down/bottom up’ approach, we have advised governments to overcome the root causes of suffering and to create the supportive legal, economic and socio-cultural environments in which individuals enjoys their rights to food, water, healthcare, education and housing alongside their liberties and freedoms.

At the same time, we have demonstrated models for community capacity development, so that people are empowered to achieve their full potential. We have identified the need to strengthen channels of information, participation and accountability between all stakeholders.

We have used this approach to shape international policies and promote multi-stakeholder consensus and action across a range of issues including AIDS prevention and care, women’s health, poverty reduction and equity in globalisation. We have a particular emphasis on the empowerment of women.


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