Advising Governments

A major thrust of Rights and Humanity’s work over the last two decades has been to advise governments on the practice steps they need to take to implement their human rights obligations under international law.

We have achieved this through:

  • global policy advice to UN agencies
  • publications
  • consultancies and training through the Commonwealth Secretariat
  • submissions to international conferences
  • expert contributions to the work of the UN human rights bodies
  • missions to advise individual governments.

We have had a long relationship with the
UK Government, working both with the Department for International Development and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, particularly its Human Rights Department.

We have had a long term relationship with the Governments of Jordan and South Africa.

Other missions to advise governments include:

African Governments: In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Rights and Humanity undertook a series of missions to advise African governments on ensuring respect for human rights in the context of AIDS. These were undertaken in cooperation with WHO and Commonwealth Secretariat.

Thailand: In April, 1991, we advised the Royal Thai Government on the adoption of its AIDS Bill.

In November 2000, our President was commissioned by UNDP to begin discussions with the Lebanese Government on mainstreaming a human rights approach to development. The purpose of the Mission was to undertake “a macro analysis of strategic entry points” and to make recommendations for UNDP, particularly with regard to policy advice.

Ukraine In November 2001, our President undertook a mission on behalf of UNDP to advise the Ukraine Government on ensuring respect for human rights in the context of HIV/AIDS. She recommended strategies to ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS suffered no discrimination and to ensure that they received the highest possible standard of care.

Mozambique: In 2004, Rights and Humanity undertook a consultancy for UNICEF to evaluate the implementation of a human rights approach throughout the AIDS programme and to make recommendations to UNICEF and the Government of Mozambique on strengthening the human rights component.

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