25th Anniversary Celebrations

In December 2011, Rights and Humanity celebrated its 25th anniversary in Liverpool. Over the past 25 years, Rights and Humanity, led by its founder and President, Professor Julia Hausermann MBE, has pioneered the human rights approach to development and carried out its unique work by bringing human rights and responsibilities to governments, the UN, various organisations and worked on topics ranging from women’s rights, HIV/AIDS, and the right to water. In 1995, Rights and Humanity played a key role in ensuring the inclusion of economic and social rights in the post-Apartheid South African Constitution. In December 2011, Rights and Humanity was delighted to be able to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a series of events.

Celebrations of Rights and Humanity’s 25th anniversary were carried out over three days, starting with:


1. A visit from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh on 1st December,

2. A follow-up meeting to our Global Leaders Congress on 9th December as we launched our Call for Action in response to global problems;

3. A ‘Giving of Thanks’ anniversary dinner on 10th December.

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