Who We Are

A Multi-Faith, Multi-Cultural Global Network: Rights and Humanity is an independent, non-partisan, international not-for-profit association established in 1986. Our global network brings together people of many faiths, cultures walks of life and of diverse opinions. We are united in our commitment to prevent and relieve human suffering and share a common belief as to how best this might be achieved.

We use human rights and responsibilities as an objective framework to benefit humanity as a whole as the highest common vision between various sides in conflict, rather than as a tool for partisan engagement.

Our network of contacts and partners spans 54 countries. Those most active in our work our patrons, the members of our boards, project committees and expert groups, together with our staff, interns and volunteers between them currently come from over 20 countries, bringing into our work a rich mix of different cultures, faiths and professional expertise.

We estimate that over the years more than 1,500 individuals from all over the world have contributed to our work through providing their expertise and experience.

Rights and Humanity: a film by Aoife Carey

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