“This extraordinary and unique organisation not only researches the problems, but also seeks to find solutions and then goes on to ensure their implementation.”

Mrs Cherie Blair,Patron


Rights and Humanity is an International Centre of Excellence on the implementation, measurement and evaluation of human rights and responsibilities.

Human rights affect every aspect of our lives. With such a broad potential agenda it is vital that Rights and Humanity focuses attention on a few specific issues. In two decades of thought leadership and action we have shown how human rights and responsibilities can be used in practice to address:

  • poverty and social exclusion
  • preventable ill-health
  • violence against women, including harmful traditional practices
  • inadequate access to water and sanitation
  • discrimination on the grounds of disability
  • inequalities arising within aid, trade and lending
  • human needs in times of complex emergencies.

We have developed a special expertise on:
  • Implementing, Measuring and Evaluating the Human Rights Approach to Development
  • Public, Corporate and Individual Responsibilities
  • Right to the Highest Attainable Standard of Physical and Mental Health
  • Rights to Water and Sanitation
  • Right to Development
  • The Right to Participate in Cultural life – including issues of respect for cultural identity.

Over the years we have brought our positive, multi-faith, multi-cultural approach to bear on:
  • the realisation of human rights and responsibilities as a basis for poverty elimination, social inclusion and equitable development
  • promotion of a culture of respect for human rights and responsibilities as a tool for peace and cooperation

Some current priority issues include:

Geographical Focus
Our geographical focus is global in terms of international law and policy but we have particular experience of working in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

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