Mission and Aims

Our aim is to contribute to global economic and social justice and to prevent poverty, conflict and environmental deprivation by implementing and demonstrating human rights and responsibilities at all levels of governance and society.

1. Solutions-Oriented Thought Leadership and Innovation
  • to prompt a global paradigm shift towards human rights and responsibilities as an effective legal framework and moral compass for global solutions and concerted action.
  • to demonstrate use of the human rights/responsibilities paradigm in progressing equitable and sustainable human development through innovative models of implementation and ‘how to tool kits’ for public, business and civil society stakeholders.

2. To build bridges of respect, understanding and cooperation between people of different faiths, cultures and viewpoints, bringing together political, faith, business, women, youth, and community leaders to implement solutions based on human rights and responsibilities.

3. Education and Communities for Action to strengthen a culture of respect for human rights and responsibilities in public policy, the media, corporate, professional and daily life and to inspire, inform and empower all sectors to play.

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