A main source of Rights and Humanity’s funding to date has been earned income from consultancy fees for providing policy advice and training to governments, the EU, the Council of Europe, the Commonwealth Secretariat and many UN agencies and other inter-governmental agencies. We are currently expanding our income sources to include fund raising from events, corporate sponsorship and philanthropy capital.


We also raise funds on a project by project basis from governments, UN and other intergovernmental agencies, foundations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and individuals. Rights and Humanity benefits greatly from support in kind from governments, corporations and NGOs and from pro bono professional services.

Rights and Humanity gratefully thanks all those who have supported our work over two decades.


  • Australia
  • Canada: CIDA, The Canadian Embassy, Amman
  • Finland: The Arts Council of Finland
  • Germany: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • The Kingdom of Norway
  • South Africa
  • Sweden: SIDA
  • Switzerland
  • The UK: ODA/DFID, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British Embassy, Amman

Intergovernmental Agencies

  • Caribbean Development Bank
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Council of Europe
  • European Commission
  • Statistical Office of the European Communities (EUROSTAT)
  • West African Health Commission

Consultancy income: UN Agencies

  • UNDP
  • WFP
  • WHO
  • WHO/Global Programme on AIDS
  • The Centre for Human Rights
  • The UN Office in Vienna
  • AmFAR
  • Ashdown Trust
  • Charities Aid Foundation
  • Commonwealth Foundation
  • Dutch Stichtung AIDS Fonds
  • European Human Rights Foundation
  • Swedish NGO Foundation for Human Rights
  • The John C and Catherine D MacArthur Foundation
  • The Parthenon Trust
  • The Rowntree Foundation
  • The Sahoresh Foundation, the Consultative Council of Jewish Organisations
  • The Sternberg Foundation, Three Faiths Forum
  • The Wellcome Foundation



NGO Donations and/or Gifts in Kind

  • Actionaid
  • Christian Aid
  • CIRCLE - Cultural Information and Research Centres Liaison in Europe
  • Eurostep
  • Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
  • International Planned Parenthood Federation
  • International Workers Aid
  • Liberty
  • Lutheran World Federation
  • Norwegian Red Cross
  • Quaker Peace and Service
  • Save the Children Fund
  • The Society of Friends
  • Uganda Quakers
  • WaterAid
  • World Council of Churches
  • Lecture Fees/Travel Expenses
  • Atlantic College, UK
  • British Council
  • The University of London
  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Nottingham University
  • Essex University
  • New York University
  • British Medical Association
  • Wembley High School

Major Corporate Gifts in Kind

  • Anglo-European Management Services
  • Bindman's Solicitors
  • Era and its founder Anna Wyatt
  • Graphic and Print Members Union
  • Inlaks Corporation (UK and Nigeria)
  • MarketForm
  • Oxford Leadership Academy
  • EC1 Media Group
  • Cread Media Ltd
  • Jon Russell Productions
  • Frameworks
  • The Law Firm, Global Creative Business
  • International Diplomatic Supplies
  • Village Film
  • 2Creation
  • Anthony Upton Photography
  • Shirley Ingham (Flowers)
  • Willam Cress (Architecture)
  • The Catamaran Partnership
  • QR Computer Services
  • Ink Xpress,Ipswich

Big Gift Donors (£5,000 or more)

  • Mr Brian Bacon
  • Ms Francesca Blackwood
  • The late Professor Adam Curle
  • Dr Renée Danziger
  • Mrs Elinore Detiger
  • Mrs Dwina Gibb
  • Mrs Jennifer Godwin
  • Madame Ursular Hemmerich-Barter
  • Ms Karon Roberts
  • Sir Mark and Lady Moody-Stuart
  • Mr Azad Shivdasani
  • Ms Pippa Steel

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